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We are offering a unique opportunity for Tandem Skydiving at the Pyramids

6-7 November 2021

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Fly like a boss Pharaoh

The last and only standing 7th wonder of the world. A 4500 old relic that will give you shivers standing next to it. You will feel its energy and awe, you will wonder how it was built. The question is Why visit it like a tourist, when you can fly around it like a boss Pharaoh ?

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Jump like a Pharaoh Vol. 4

Back to the origins

why visit a relic like a tourist when you can fly over it?

31 October - 5th November 2021

The original Skydive Egypt team in cooperation with the Egyptian Parachuting & Airsports Federation proudly invites you to the 4th official and biggest pyramid boogie to date.
After great success in the previous events we would like to invite you to Volume 4

3 or 6 jump packages
Herclues C130
15000 Feet
Military Helicopter Sunset Jumps at the Pyramids
World class Load organizers
World class and award winning Photographers
Surprise Stunning climax Dinner with the Closing Ceremony

Event Ambassadors

Hermann Landsman
(Jump Master)

One of the world's most experienced C-130 organizers, impeacable spotting and leadership dropping and making sure everyone is at their spot. Organizer/owner of 19 Exotic Sky Adventure Boogies in Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

Soul Flyers

Fred Fugen and team need no introduction. The Daredevils performed a breathtaking stunt on our last event and have partnered up with us to promote and co-host this years event. We're looking forward to more of their oustanding feats at the pyramids.

Omar Alhegelan

Freefly with one of the OG legends in the sport - Multiple World Champion - Multiple World Records holder Father - Artist - Photographer

Karine Joly (Airwax)

🥇FreeFly World Champion - 6x World Record Holder - 7200 jumps - Freefly Trainer / Tunnel Instructor 3* / AFF Instructor

Greg Crozier (AirWax)

🏆 FreeFly World Champion - 6x World Record Holder - 9400 Jumps - 2100H+ Indoor

Al Hodgson (Air Kix)

Multipl Silver + Bronze world Champion. 6 times British Champion. 7300+ Jumps. UK's first bilateral lower limb amputee skydiver.

Pixie (Air Kix)

World Championship Silver medalist. World Cup and European Championship Medalist 2011. British National Championships. 5000 jumps.

Dario Jotti

The infamous Swiss legend with 10.000 jumps and multiple records and world championships will be responsible for C-130 Spotting and Belly LO 


WIth 6000 board flights, Kēbē has been working on skysurfing with the ever growing angle flight community since the brilliant idea surfaced with Omar, Olav and the Flyboyz since back in 1996.
"The idea is to develop our flight wings separately and then cleanly fly those wings together. Now we fly together and escort a higher Peace down to Earth as one wing over the sacred location of the Pyramids. This is a message of the need for World Peace that we all have been developing for many generations. World Championship Silver medalist. World Cup and European Championship Medalist 2011. British National Championships. 5000 jumps.

Sebastiano Jotti + Nicolas Pulfer

The infamous 3000+ jumps Jumpmasters will make sure you have unforgettable memories over the pyramids!

Stéphane Zunino Aka ZUN

is a figure in skydiving and mostly in Wingsuiting as he is one of the most experienced with about 8000th wingsuit jumps on his 21000 plus skydive !
He manage to participate or even organize  all the world biggest formation and French record also!
He had the chance of jumping all around the world has he was on the original Soul Flyers team !! And to complete those list jumping over the Pyramids will create a natural new experience !

Official  Photographers

Ewan Cowie

Pro Photographer & Video-man - Official World Record Photographer - BASE Jumper - National Champion -AFF & Tunnel Instructor

Ioannis Vlachiotis

Pro photographer & Video flyer - Official National Record photographer and organiser - TI & AFF USPA instructor - Commercial videographer & aerial coordinator

Bruno Brokken

Pro Photographer, 26000 Jumps, competition Skydivier, 400 way Thailand, World Air Games, Blue Hole Belize

Andrey Slepnev

Very talented upcoming Aerial photographer who has been with us on several events and captured a lot of our event's moments.

Wendy Smith

21,800+ jumps. International Competitor with Multiple medals and records since 1989. Stunt Skydiver First Triple and SKYSURF Tandem. Skydive, 150-400 way World Records. Women’s World Record 131-way skydiving.
First woman to test jump BAE 146 jet.

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Don't be fooled by the copycats
Join the original and best organized event at the Pyramds
Jump Like A Pharaoh Boogie


3 Jumps - 2,000 USD
6 Jumps - 2,900 USD
Prices include

Hotel: Luxury 5-Star

15,000 Feet Jumps from Hercules C130
Organised by worldclass LO + Jumpmasters
5 Nights accommodation in 5-Star Hotel near the Pyramids
(5 Stars Breakfast Included)
Accommodation is in a shared double room (single rooms available Extra $300)
Extra Companion non- Jumper (Extra $650)
Surprising Stunning Climax Dinner with closing ceremony.
All Transportation (Hotel - Pyramids  - military Airport)
Airport pick up
Event T-Shirt + Sponsors Vouchers

Not included

Mi-17 Helicopter Jumps (Extra $350)
Night Jump ($500)

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Have you ever experienced the thrill to be in a Hercules C-130 with 70 other skydivers, exit at crazy speeds through a ramp and fly over the 7th wonder of the world? Grab your chance, slots are booked quickly!

Jump Like a Pharaoh Vol. 7

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